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Autumn Sky Constellations

Our bestselling live show is now fully available in English only!

The night sky over Łódź is full of ancient stories, heroes, gods and wonderful creatures enchanted in constellations. They are our guide through the autumn sky and can help us to find the wonders of the universe such as planetary nebulae, mysterious binary systems, planets discovered around distant stars, and even giant cosmic collisions of galaxies.

A full-live show, entirely in English showing how to find constellations in the sky, telling myths associated with them and explaining astronomical phenomena, completed with fulldome animations and authentic photos taken by space telescopes.

Age limit: for adults and children above 8 years old.

Show duration: 45 minutes

Tickets are available at our Ticket Office (1/3 Targowa Street) and online (we are sorry, our online sales system is in Polish only).

This show is in English only. / Pokaz wyłącznie w jęz. angielskim.

"Autumn Sky Constellations"
This show is in English only