Łódź Film Commission

The Łódź Film Commission provides comprehensive and professional assistance to producers of feature films, documentaries and animations, as well as television programmes, commercials, video clips, corporate films, computer games and all other forms of audiovisual production. Each project receives full support and a dedicated employee who holds the function of a certain “liaison” on the production-city line. The Łódź Film Commission is also the operator of the Łódź Film Fund from which a producer may receive a subsidy for a feature film, documentary or animation.

Łódź Film Commission service covers:

  • assistance in looking for film-shooting locations;
  • supplying information about professionals specializing in film, TV and multimedia production in the city and in the region, and about companies and institutions providing related support services e.g. legal advisers, translation agencies, advertising agencies, media etc.;
  • provision of information about the available city resources – halls suitable for film making purposes, etc.;
  • assistance with obtaining all types of permits;
  • helping with talks with real property owners;
  • promoting Łódź and the region as the place which welcomes the most advanced film, television and multimedia productions and other audio-visual initiatives.

Our team:

Address: Łódź Film Commission / EC1 Łódź - Miasto Kultury, 1/3 Targowa Street, 90-022 Łódź, Poland



Powidoki / Afterimage - reż. Andrzej Wajda


"Marie Curie" - reż. Marie Noelle


Bikini Blue - reż. Jarosław Marszewski


Las, 4 rano - reż. Jan Jakub Kolski


Wspomnienie lata - reż. Adam Guziński