Tours and Sightseeing

Tours and sightseeing of EC1 Łódź

We are glad to see great interest in visiting the historical EC1 power plant. Nothing brings us more joy than the possibility of presenting our project to you: the transformation of an industrial facility into a cultural institution, transmitting a different kind of energy to Łódź and beyond its borders: the energy of knowledge and culture.

In order to meet your expectations we give you the possibility of visiting EC1. Guided tours will provide you with information on the history of the venue, the stages of work on the Centre for Science and Technology and the National Centre for Film Culture that are currently under construction, and the history of the facility, as well as plans for its future growth.



June 2017:

Saturday, June 17th, 2017:

  • First tour starts at 11.00 CET and ends about 12.30 CET (Polish time zone)
  • Second tour starts at 12.30 CET and ends about 14.00 CET

If you would like to participate in tour, send an e-mail stating the date and time of the selected tour (11.00 CET or 12.30 CET) and the number of visitors to the following e-mail address:


Tours and sightseeing of EC1 Łódź

The tour starts by purchasing a ticket in the ticket office of the EC1 Planetarium on level 0. A standard ticket costs PLN 8 (8% VAT included), a reduced ticket – PLN 5. Tickets may only be purchased by persons who have submitted the registration form via e-mail.

Sightseeing is conducted by a guide (an EC1 employee) who will show the guests the unique, Art Nouveau-style Machine Hall in EC1 East and the modern interiors of building N, erected on the remains of the old Boiler Room.

Visitors can ascend to the vantage point located on the terrace (level 6) where they can see the city's panorama, the centre of Łódź and the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station, currently under reconstruction.

From level 6 visitors will go down to level 2 where they can enter the Conference Rooms situated above the Machine Hall (building S1).

Tour participants will then be led via the external area of EC1 West, across the old Coal Square next to the slag extinguishing zone, to look at the exteriors of the Boiler Room, Machine Hall and the New Extension. Finally, they can enter the historic Cooling Tower which dates back to 1929 and contains the Foucault pendulum.

Due to safety reasons (ongoing works connected with the opening of the Centre for Science and Technology in the western part of the complex), entrance to the Control Room, Boiler Room, Machine Hall, Pump Room, Softening Room and the New Extension of EC1 West is not possible during sightseeing.



Tours and sightseeing of EC1 Łódź

EC1 entry tickets can only be purchased in the EC1 ticket office on level 0, near the planetarium, on the day of the particular tour. Due to the nature of the visited spaces, the number of tour participants is limited to 50 people. Thus, we have an electronic registration system in place: those who want to purchase an EC1 entry ticket need to send an e-mail stating the date and time of the selected tour (11.00 CET or 12.30 CET) and the number of visitors to the following e-mail address:

One person may only book a maximum of 10 individual tickets via e-mail.

Due to the particular nature of the visited spaces, children under 4 years old cannot participate in sightseeing tours. Children under 12 years old should be accompanied by parents or guardians.

Tour participants should gather at the ticket office at the time of tour commencement. Due to the tour's nature and route, there is no possibility of joining visitors after commencement.

The sightseeing route is set by the Commercial Task and Event Division and may be subject to changes due to the events and actions organised within the EC1 complex.

Due to activities connected with fitting out the buildings comprising the EC1 complex, the guide cannot guarantee that the course of the sightseeing route is fully adjusted to people with motor dysfunctions and those with limited motor skills.



Standard ticket – PLN 8, VAT included (8%)

Reduced ticket – PLN 5, VAT included (8%) available for:

  • children under 13 years old,
  • students (up to the age of 26 years old),
  • people over 60 years old,
  • disabled persons and their guardians.

In order to purchase a reduced ticket one needs to hold a document confirming their entitlement to the discount.